Rules of the Road

The beauty of having your own website is that you can do and say pretty much anything that you want. While that may be true, I try to live my life by certain standards, and I will attempt to hold myself accountable to the following rules with everything I do with this site. I expect this list to expand as time goes on, and I encourage others to help hold me to my own standards.


  1. Be respectful. Just because I now have a public platform to express my views, doesn’t mean I have the right to abuse it. Like the golden rule, do unto others…I might not like someone, or something, but I believe that I should still be able to express my disagreements in a respectful manner.
  2. Accept feedback. This is quite an endeavor I am undertaking, putting my thoughts and opinions out there for the whole world to see. Having said that, I need to be mindful that others may disagree, and will want to voice their opposing or different views. As long as it remains civil and respectful, I’m all for it.
  3. Not everyone loves the New England Patriots. Why this is true, I have no idea. I do acknowledge that it is truth, and I apologize for your misguided ways 🙂
  4. Give them what they want. Within reason. This site would probably not exist without the people who have expressed a desire to follow my progress, hear my viewpoints, and have provided encouragement and guidance. Now is not the time to forget all of you, and I won’t. Please feel free to let me know what you like, and what you don’t, on the site. I will always be looking for ways to make improvements. I look forward to suggestions on topics, content, and commentary.
  5. Have fun! This maybe should’ve been rule 1B, but better late than never. This website is not my job, therefore; I should not treat it as such.  The whole point of this site is to interact with people about the game that I love. I love playing the game, I love learning about the game, I love teaching the game, and I love talking about the game. If maintaining this site starts to make me feel any differently, I will have to hang it up.
  6. See rules 1-5



So that’s it for now. I’m sure more rules will follow, and hopefully they won’t be so dull 🙂