Thank You

1 year ago I was just another guy with a family, job, and a hobby.  Not much has changed today. I have an amazing family, a pretty good job, a Twitter account, I’ve started posting on MN Poker Mag, and I have my own website. What?! Not that long ago I barely understood what social media is let alone have my own account! Writing an occasional blog for a magazine? I’m not a writer. Website? For what purpose?


I cannot answer that question. I do know that this website, and any other type of writing I do, would not be possible without you, the reader. I am really struggling with trying to understand why people have started following me on Twitter, and what I owe them because of that following. Some people would say that I don’t owe anything, just live my life & if people are interested in it or not, that is their business. I am not capable of being that guy. I feel that I have an obligation to give people more, if that is what they desire. I know that I would not be where I am today without other people helping me along the way, and so I will attempt to give back in this small way.


This website will have many facets. The main page will always have my most updated blog post. There will also be other pages, all with different purposes. The Rules of the Road page will be an ever evolving list of personal conduct rules of the site. As I believe this site is for everyone, I feel that I need to adhere to certain standards and code of conduct, both in jest and in strict adherence. There is a Hand Analysis page. This will give everyone a chance to see how I have played given hands in certain situations. However; I am hoping that the page will become more of an open forum for people to discuss hands in general. I would love to receive hands for analysis from readers, then post my thoughts on the site. I would then encourage everyone to discuss constructively. I love being a part of the larger poker community, and I am hopeful that this page can be used to bring us all together, and make us all better.


There will be more content to follow in the coming weeks & months, but this is all I can do for now. I am preparing For the Midwest Poker Classic, and will hopefully be sending out BOOM tweets shortly. Before I go, I feel it is incumbent upon me to thank some people, without whom, none of this would be possible. Fair warning, some of this will be ultra sappy. You’ve been warned:

My wife. It really should go without saying, but that doesn’t mean I won’t. I know most people feel this way about their own spouses, but I truly did win the “Spend your life with the greatest person ever” sweepstakes. You are all playing for second place. Thank you sweetheart for putting up with me, and challenging me to be better than I ever think I can be.

Jim. This would not be possible without our epic battles trying to determine if making the 175 BB call on the river with 9 high is good. What started out as two guys with common interests hanging out occasionally, has grown into the greatest friendship I have ever known. Love ya kid…anyway back to me 🙂

Bryan Mileski. Is there anyone who has done more over the last few years to promote MN poker players? I say no. Bryan’s launch of the MSPT has really spoiled us players, bringing several large dollar buy in tournaments, with great structure, close to home. He also publishes a magazine highlighting MN poker players, and hosts a radio show about MN poker. You do too much sir, and I feel that it is often without enough praise. I thank you for all that you do, and for giving me the opportunity to write for the mag. Speaking of which, have you all read my first post? Shameless plug!

Fox. Seriously a good dude. I will never be able to engross readers into my material the way that you do sir. Thank you for helping me get this site up and running. Everyone please visit Fox’s site, he is a really sharp guy. But if you just want to know what he has to say without leaving MY amazing site, watch this:

Erick Wright. Yeah that’s right, I’m gunnin’ for you 🙂

Rooster. I am really into the communal aspect of poker, and this is most embodied by Rooster. He is clearly the Mayor of my favorite room, and makes sure that we all remember to have fun playing this game, and not take ourselves too seriously.


I know I forgot to list some people, and I apologize, but I heard the band queuing up so it is time for me to leave the stage.


Hope you enjoy whatever this site becomes. I may have peaked in my poker career, though I don’t think so. Even if I have, I hope to keep this site running. And if my poker career does continue to flourish, I hope to see all of you along for the ride. Now keep your arms & legs inside the car at all times, this is gonna be a helluva ride! BOOM


The dawn of something new

This is the new home for all of my random thoughts and observations. I certainly hope that you will find it mildly interesting and/or entertaining. If not, then don’t come back, but tell your friends and family to visit 🙂


This is technically my first post, but I really just wanted to throw something up that wasn’t the cookie cutter WordPress welcome message. I promise I will have a much more thought out, hopefully well thought out, post up soon. Until then, just remember to play [Qs][3h] like a boss! BOOM